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Filing a complaint against a DNV Healthcare accredited healthcare organization

If you have a concern regarding the quality of care provided to you or someone else, please consider contacting the healthcare organization first and ask to speak with their "patient advocate." It is the responsibility of a “patient advocate” to address grievances against their organizations.

If you are not able to resolve or diffuse the issue with the organization’s patient advocate and want to take further action, please call 866-­496­‐9647, or complete the Patient Complaint Report below. Alternatively, you may also fax the information to us at 281-870-4818.

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Note: This section is optional. Providing contact information allows DNV GL - Healthcare to contact you about actions taken in regard to your complaint, or allows us to contact you if more information about your complaint is needed.

Complaint Information

Disclaimer: The complainant’s request to remain anonymous will be honored to the extent permitted by law. The individual receiving the complaint will only reveal the identity of the complainant to those needing to know in order to investigate the complaint.

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