DNV GL - Healthcare has launched a new survey designation that enables hospitals to reduce their risk of infection through an innovative assessment of infection risk. It is called Managing Infection Risk (MIR). Upon completion, the facility can become a DNV GL Center of Excellence to reflect the achievement. Similar to a Stroke designation (although MIR is a more systemic and comprehensive certification), you can use this certification on your web site, in a press release, or in your hospital’s marketing campaign to showcase this award as a superior achievement in reducing the risk of infections in your facility.


You will understand where your strengths lie and where your vulnerabilities exist. Most importantly, you’ll pinpoint any gaps to improve patient safety and reduce risk. The value of the assessment is to strengthen knowledge that can immediately improve your processes . . . and potentially save lives.


  • MIR Certification follows a path very similar to hospital accreditation. A team of DNV GL MIR surveyors will visit your hospital, with the exact number of auditors and length of audit determined by the scale of the  hospital’s facilities, workforce and patie [CDC stats] nt population.
  • The DNV GL surveyors apply a comprehensive 18-point standard, with each element representing known trigger points for infection risk and perform a gap assessment to identify the strengths as well as the risks.
  • Based on the assessment, training is performed to prepare the facility to undergo the survey process when they determine that they are ready.
  • Upon achieving successful outcomes during this survey process, certification of Managing Infection Risk (MIR) is awarded. This process may take 1 to 3 years, depending on the conformities needing to be addressed and the complexity of the organization.
  • Of course, organizations are able to request a certification survey directly without the need for a gap assessment or training, if they believe they are already in full compliance with the 18 elements.

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